Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gia Bugs 9 months!

Baby girl you are 9 months old today! And what a blessing these last 9 months with you have been! You have brought so much sunshine in to our lives and we could never give enough thanks for you. •your newest thing is clapping...when anyone says "patty cake" you begin clapping, just precious! •you take 4 bottles a day, all are 6oz. Except for your bedtime bottle, it's usually 7oz. with some oatmeal. You also have 3 meals a day. •you have just began eating foods with texture, you will eat it, but you're still not too certain about it :). •you love to eat the blueberry puffs, you pick them up with those chubby hands and feed yourself now! •I introduced the sippy cup to you a couple weeks ago, and you took it right away! You drank all your milk with no problem. You're using the "nuk" brand. And it's a keeper! You still don't hold it by yourself, but we're working on that... •you stood for a few seconds on your own this week and you've done it several times-big girl! •you are a speedy quick crawler, you go anywhere you please now. •you continue to hold on to objects (couch) and walk around, but no steps without help just yet. •you wear 9-12 months or 12 months clothing, you are perfectly cuddly and just round enough! Daddy weighed you last week and you were just over 18lbs. •size 2 shoe and 3 diaper. •you sleep in your crib and tonight you cried for 2 minutes before falling asleep (praise God)! •you take 2 naps a day, anywhere from 30 minutes to almost 2 hours. •you still are very aware of strangers, but you warm up easily...as long as I'm not in sight! •you are quick to laugh at your brother and he excites you more than anyone. • when you laugh or smile really big, you snort with your nose and sometimes sound like a little piggy. • you don't really have a favorite toy, everything goes straight to your mouth, so anything you can chew on satisfies you just fine. • still only 2 teeth and no sight of any new ones just yet. • you LOVE to be outdoors, whether on a walk, in your playpen, or sitting in the yard...you are very happy and content outside. • you sleep in the car almost always. • you have the sweetest little bashful personality, you tilt your head in to hide your face and smile when someone talks to you, it's the sweetest thing! • you continue to be a mama's girl, which melts my heart! We adore you sweet girl, you are out sweet lil' flower always! Hugs and kisses baby girl and happy 9 months!!! Enjoying a little lunch after church :) (pics from my phone this time!)
(Had to share one of brother too!)

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