Thursday, May 17, 2012

C.I.O night 2&3

Okay, night 2 of C.I.O never really happened. Gia bug drank her bottle and fell asleep in my arms. I put her in the crib at 8:30 and she slept all night! Til 8:30 the next morning! Wowza! So, tonight, night 3, I dreaded. I fed her a little earlier then took her in to her room. I rocked her for just a second, saw that she was very sleepy, then placed her in the crib. I said my "I love you's" and goodnights, gave my hugs, and kisses, then left. This was at 9:11. She cried, for a few minutes, then whined, and by 9:18 she was.....ASLEEP! Laying on her tummy like a little frog! Praise GOD! 7 minutes tonight! Hope this continues and becomes no tears at all. She hasn't woken up yet, but it's still early. Finger's crossed that she sleeps all night long, with no problems. Gavin is currently watching Chipmunks: Chipwrecked. He's sitting indian style, his head tilted back, long sleeve sleep tee and undies on...bottom lip popped out. I love those two so much, my heart literally HURTS, so strange, but so true. Honestly, if I could be anywhere in the world at this very moment...I would choose our bed, one baby on each arm, Nelson's hand in mine, and I would freeze time for a bit. I suppose they're my taste of Heaven on earth and how perfectly yummy they are! Goodnight all...

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