Wednesday, May 16, 2012

C.I.O Babe #2

Am I really doing this again???? I promised I wouldn't, but here I am, blogging about another cry it out bedtime routine. I'm so very sorry Giana, I apologize in advance for the next few nights baby girl. Mommy does not like doing this, but your sleep pattern right now is just, well, not good. I promised myself that after doing this horrbile method of getting you sweet babies to sleep in your crib with Gavin, that I woudln't have to do this again. You have really slept in your playyard or crib from day one. But right now your seperation anxiety is at it's PEAK, you are a mommy's girl like no other. So, when you fall asleep and I put you in your crib at night, within an hour or two you are awake, relentlessly crying for mommy. The past few nights, out of extreme tiredness, I have put you in bed with me, but mommy can't be the best mommy when I'm tired, and interuppted sleep is just not good sleep. Gavin's first night of C.I.O was rough (I thought). He cried for 50 minutes until sleep got the best of him. Well, my sweet little delicate flower, you are a tough little thang, cause you cried for 72 minutes!!!!! Yes, my love an hour and 12 minutes of tears, screams, and more tears. Broke my heart, but God willing, tonight will be better for everyone. I promise it's just as hard on me to go in the room, comfort you (without picking you up), say "I love you" a million times, then leave. Wait five minutes, repeat. You are strong willed my love, didn't realize how much, until last night. You started crying at 11:23 and it was 12:35 before you were out. There were even a few times when you rested your tired little head on your arm as you stood in your crib. You finally sat down, got all "bobble headed" then slowly your head and body leaned forward and forward until you fell over. Thank God you didn't bump your head. Oh, I pray tonight is a little easier and smoother. You slept until almost 8am and let me tell ya, I've never been happier to jump out of the bed and got get my cuddle bug, as I was this morning. Kisses, kisses, hugs, squeezes, and more way of saying I'm sorry and please don't be mad at me, hah! Thought I would share a few photos from the monitor of you and your pitiful first night of C.I.O. You are a strong one my sweet...yes you are! I love you baby girl, to the moon and back! The redness you see at the top of the monitor, is the noise detector, and it's in full force!
And we're down for the count >>>


  1. It is so so tough! But it is just as much worth it once you get past the rough few days. Nothing like laying then down in their crib and waking out of the room to watch a tired baby peacefully fall asleep on the monitor. The rough part will be over before you know it! Praying for you during the hard part friend!

  2. Oh God love. It's tough isn't it?! I said I would never do this again either. I gave in and gave my kids milk-learned the hard way with Tanner's cavities. No more. I've toughened up.

    But I still don't like to hear a baby cry. Poor you and poor Giana! We're just mommas trying our best

    Love you friend!!