Monday, February 20, 2012

Gia Bug at 6months!

Seriously, yea, seriously 6 months already! How do these milestones come so quickly? My sweet little bitty is only 6 months away from being a 1 year old. As much as I want to keep you little and under my wing forever, I do so enjoy watching you grow and learn. And, well, you're so darn cuddly right now. I could just nibble on those little legs for days!

You haven't had your 6 month checkup yet, so no technical stats, but I'm ready to tell all about your sweet little self.

* You continue to drink 6 oz. every 3 hours, sometimes sooner. Lately, you've been drinking 1/2 your bottle, then finishing it around 30 minutes later. You're such a curious little george that you can't sit still or have your view blocked long enough to finish the whole thing (unless you are super super hungry).

* You have oatmeal once a day, in the mornings. And then you usually have 1 container of baby food. Your fave so far seems to be carrots and sweet potatoes. Yep, I'm expecting you to have an orange nose sooner rather than later. You've also had banana's, pear, applesauce, green beans, and sweet peas.

* Anytime you are placed on your back, you usually roll over to your tummy and are content to play for a bit. You roll from back to belly often, but when placed on your tummy to begin with you don't always roll over.

* Your bedtime is around 10pm and you usually sleep till 8:30-9:00 am. Woohoo! I still swaddle you every night and give you the paci. If those arms of yours are free, you can guarantee that you'll be pulling that paci out, even if you want it. That's just something you do ;).

* You are beginning to make more sounds, you usually wake us all up by making this sweet little blowing noise. I must admit, it's the most awesome alarm I have ever had!

* You sit up like a big girl now! You're so funny, because you absolutely can NOT STAND for your head to be laying flat, not against the couch, not a pillow, not your bed...if you are awake, you want to be up and looking around!

* You continue to love your brother, you watch him closely, smile at him often, and are quick to laugh out loud at him. (lately, he wants to hold his "baby sister". he adores you too!)

* You wear a size 3-6 months in clothes, size 2 diaper.

* You love those baths and have quickly figured out how to splash!

* You have a touch of eczema on your face, mainly around your mouth :( Mommy coats you with lotion every night and you wake up looking good as new!

* You still watch me everywhere I go. It's so funny how sometimes, I'll catch you just staring away at me. I loves it!

* You're very serious natured. Sometimes you will look at people and won't crack a smile or bat an eye. BUT if you are familiar with the person, you smile, and just draw them in immediately.

* With that said, you do smile a lot-At those you are around often. And it's a beautiful smile! Warms my heart!

* Something about papaw really intrigues really check him out when he comes in the room. And you're always quick to smile at nana.

* You've got this little growl thing you do lately. Kinda reminds me of the noise Teen Wolf makes, hah! So cute! You also have this cold chill thing you do, where you shiver. You'll do this a few times a day, it's so funny!

* Mommy calls you my little flower. Why? Because you smell so sweet, you're beautiful and delicate, you make my days brighter, and you make me feel all warm and happy inside!

The last few days, your brother and I have been down with the stomach virus...I mean down! So, mommy and daddy sent you up to Nana in hopes that you don't catch it. And let me tell ya, it seemed so weird and WRONG not to have you with us. I did not like it at all! You have your place in this family very much little girl, you really complete our little family!

We love you so much and thank God for our sweet girl daily! I can't wait until it warms up so I can take you outside and snap your picture!!! But until then I snapped a few quickly between stomach virus issues in the bathroom!!!

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