Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All Over the Place! And Love Day 2012

We all have our moments of random "catch up" blogs and this one be ANOTHER one of mine!

Gavin David, you will be 3 years old in just a few weeks, wow, wow, and WOW! I have an almost 3 year old, doesn't even seem possible! Right now you're singing "Old MacDonald" at the top of your lungs, hah! I don't think you've stopped talking since you woke up from your nap, oh, 4.5 hours ago. No joke. My son, you are a talker. And you are a tester test the limits of your dad and I daily, purposely, and look at us while you do it. You love to wake your sister up from sleep, luckily she loves you and wakes up with a smile. You dump out your toys as soon as I get them put away...yea, you should be putting them away yourself, but I tend to do it myself because it seems easier. Bad, I know. I won't post too much on you though, we'll save everything for your 3 year post. I don't want you to grow up on me, but it's so awesome to be able to have a conversation with my very own child!

Gia bug, you are 5 1/2 months old and the last two days you have rolled from your back to your belly OFTEN. You actually like to be on your tummy when it's you that has put yourself there :). Go figure, already miss independent. Nah, not really, you love me so much. I know it sounds like I'm bragging, but it's so true! You just watch me everywhere I go, everything I do, and well, I LOVE IT! And more and more everyday, you are beginning to look just like I did as a baby. I came across a picture today and seriously, if I posted it, people would believe that it is you. Crazy!

I'm such a bad mommy, I didn't get any pictures of Valentines Day :(. But I have to share what your sweet precious daddy did. I woke up Valentines Day morning and went through my usual routine that your dad knows so well. I entered the bathroom...there I found 2 V-Day cards (the ones that you buy for your kids to pass out) on the sink. From there, I came to the coffee pot...another V-Day card. From there to the computer...another VDay card. All for me, with special little notes on the back like "#1 mommy" "Best Friends Forever" "I Love You". He gave me 4. From there I went to Giana's bedroom. On the changing pad, a VDay card, in the diaper holder...A VDay her crib, A VDAY card, then to her swing, A VDAY card. All for Giana. Each one was personalized for her, "#1 Daughter" "I Love You" etc. From there, on to Gavin. A card on his Mack Truck, a card on his basket of toys, a card on his train, and a car on his high chair. All personalized for him. "#1 Son" "Daddy's Boo Boo Chicken" (he calls him that) "I Love You". And on top of those sweet cards placed perfectly around the house, he had some candy for us. How sweet is that? He put some thought in to that, spent barely any money, but was worth more than a dozen roses, diamonds, etc. I thought it was perfect. From my perfect husband.

I also need to add that my precious daddy who adores you both, brought home gifts for you! Gavin, papaw got you a Finn McMissile car that lights up and a heart shaped container full of m&m's. And Gia bug, papaw bought you a "Violet" Leap Frog puppy that says your name, sings songs, and is personalized just to you (Gavin has "Scout" the boy version of the Leap Frog Puppy). How sweet is that? It was completely his idea and you both loved your Valentine's presents!

Other than that, not too much going on here. Mommy is looking for jobs daily and applying for jobs often. No takers yet. I don't know if I should be happy or sad! The sooner I go to work, the sooner we get a home or start building. But the sooner I get a job, the sooner I have to leave my babies. I guess it's a love/hate relationship right now.

And for some pictures, just snap shots that I've taken lately.

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