Thursday, February 4, 2010

11 Months TODAY!

Can't believe my once infant is just 1 month shy of being a 1 year old Toddler! I was just telling Nelson last night that atleast once a day I look at Gavin with complete amazement that he is mine...even after 11 months I am still in awe of him. I'm so in love with this little guy and especially this new smile he has. He smiles with his entire face and the nose scrunch just makes me itch with happiness.

Gavin still isn't walking, but we know it will happen soon and in his own GOOD time. He now has 6 teeth and he really enjoys brushing them...he seriously puts the toothbrush in his mouth the correct way and brushes! He wears a size 4 diaper and can wear anywhere from 12-24 months in clothes depending on the brand. He can give a mean "high five", moo with the best of cows when asked to, he gives his daddy kisses on demand, loves to push his train around, dances to and loves all music, and is currently napping like the most precious angel.

Although Gav is home with me all day, everyday...he is a big daddy's boy. Nelson is greeted with a huge hug and kiss every morning and every afternoon when he get's home from work. It's the cutest thing, he stops whatever he is doing and crawls as quick as he can to his daddy when he walks in the door.

I tried to get some cute photos of my 11 month old, but his mobility and speed hindered me somewhat. But these completely captured his personality...check out that huge smile, nose scrunch, and those teeth!


  1. It's hard to believe the little guy is almost a year old...they grow up so fast! He will be walking before you know it and it will be even harder to capture those pictures while he is on the run. Gavin is such a handsome little boy!!

  2. Wow!! His looks have really changed this month! He's starting to look like a little BOY now instead of a baby. :-)