Friday, January 1, 2010

Eating with a Grin...2010!

Happy New Year All! Here is my sweet boy chowing down, New Years Day. I couldn't resist taking these photo's...this would have to be the messiest he has ever been, while eating. And let me tell ya...his daddy doesn't like all that mess, lol. He wants Gavin to be neat, clean, and everything goes in the misses----RIGHT...but he does get tickled at him. Let me just ask you...who wears carrots, peas, pasta, and cheese better than this little guy????


  1. OH my gosh. What a beautiful little boy!! No one DEFINITELY wears carrots, peas, pasta and cheese better than Gavin. I just want to twirl my fingers in those curls!

  2. He is soo precious Linds! I want to feed him & hold him & rock him to sleep! :-( It's too bad I never have time for those bonding moments when you guys are in. Please come home soon.