Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chilly Days in the Sunshine State

Gavin and I have been hanging out in the house A LOT lately! It has been very cold here in Florida for the past 2 weeks, the warmest it has been is in the upper 50's and it has been in the 20's at night. We took a quick trip to Sam's Club today to stock up on some formula, as you can see, I had little man in his hoodie, which I thought he sported so well! Check out all that hair---still no haircut yet, but I'm beginning to CONSIDER a TRIM just in the front. He loves to get his hands all dirty and mushy full of food, then ever so carefully smear it in his hair. It's actually pretty funny, because when he pulls his food infested hair down through his hands, it almost reaches his chin!

He has 6 teeth now! 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. I'm really enjoying his smile these days cause I get to see all those pearly whites! Getting him to eat has been somewhat of a struggle lately...GAVIN YOU ARE A VERY VERY PICKY EATER!!!!!! He will only eat buttered toast, any type of pasta, chicken nuggets, ham, and cheese. Yep. That's it. I can't get him to eat any fruit and no veggies. I'm trying not to stress over it too much, because clearly he is a healthy, growing boy, BUT I do want him to be a good eater. I even tried sneaking some strawberry banana baby food in his pancake mix and cooking it. Did he eat ate it???? Mommy did and I LOVED IT! I'm sure it had nothing to do with the butter smeared on it ;oP!

Welp. We are moving yet again on Friday. It will be out 4th city in 3 years. I'll let you know how that goes later. I'm really hopeful that our next move will be closer to HOME...either in KY or somewhere in TN. Fingers crossed.


  1. haha I can't believe that Gavin is a picky eater! I just assumed that all babies would eat everything in their sight like Story does! I've yet to see her turn her nose up to anything. Not to worry, though...I'm sure it's just a phase he's going through. :-)Maybe try some V8 juice. I've heard it works wonders for babies who refuse veggies.

  2. olivia pretty much eats anything! she loves pasta too...I would suggest that if he eats alot of pasta, try this kind:

    I usually buy it in the Greenwise section at Publix. I try to give Olivia just the whole wheat pasta, or the veggie pasta because if she is going to eat it all the time I want her to get some kind of nutrient out of it!

    also, this kind is colorful so he may like to eat it :)

  3. also, have you tried unsweetened applesauce? you could smear that on buttered toast or add it to pancake batter!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions girls...I will def. be giving all of the above a try!!! :-)