Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Moody Monkey.

My little model ;o)

Just had to post how quickly my little boy's mood can change! I brought out a new toy today...a "move and crawl" ball. I was so excited to give it to Gavin! The ball moves on it's own, lights up with vibrant colors, talks, sings, you name it---the ball does it! So what does Gavin do when he is given the ball to play with...I think the picture says it all! First he gives me this look....
Then he begins to mouth at me....

He did, however, enjoy this plastic bowl and spoon to pieces! Note to parents: Don't spend too much money on toys, my little moody monkey preferred the kitchenware MUCH more! (Again---picture)


  1. haha love it!

    story loves kitchen utensils too....how strange!

  2. How true!!! haha. Let them raid the kitchen cabinets and they're much happier~

    For some reason Gavin reminds me of your dad in these pictures.

  3. You are right Angel...He does look a lot like Warren. Especially when Warren was little.

  4. I love this...its so funny! All Braxton wants to play with is his pacy