Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy 6 months (Tomorrow) Baby G!!!

That's right. My little turkey is 6 months old today!!! Big BOY! I can't believe that 6 months has came and gone so quickly---for this reason I try to soak up every ounce of little man every single second of every single day! And the craziest thing of all, as much as I love him TODAY--it is 100% possible that I will love him even more than that TOMORROW (even 5 minutes from now!). God definitely gave us mommy's and daddy's infinite amounts of love!

What's been going on with baby G time!!! Here we go:

  • He loves cereal and banana's--fave meal of the day.

  • He drinks around 24-28 oz. of formula a day.

  • He now sleeps in his crib!

  • He usually sleeps anywhere from 9:00-10:00 at night until about 7am.

  • He enjoys tv in small doses--especially Baby Einstein, Special Agent Oso, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :o).

  • He sits up on his own very well now!

  • Still doesn't enjoy tummy time, usually attempts to roll over or rolls over as soon as he is placed on the tummy.

  • He takes at least 2 naps a day anywhere from 1-2 hours.

  • He enjoys playing with is feet.

  • Still teething, but no teeth.

  • Continues to smile 24/7...he really does have an amazing personality.

  • He enjoys playing in the pool or anything outdoors for that matter.

  • He has a contagious laugh.

  • He wears a size 3 diapers and 6-9 mo. clothes.

  • He likes to turn around in all positions during his sleep at night!

  • He loves putting blankets in his mouth or over his face, but can never remember how to get it off of his face, lol.

  • He still takes his pacifier, mostly right before he goes to sleep.

  • He is quite the little traveler, to KY, to Dominican Republic, to Miami, and to Naples.

  • He loves it when mommy cooks in the kitchen, while he is in his high-chair, we turn up the music and mommy dances all around the kitchen while he watches and laughs. Mommy has all kinds of cool moves these days ;o).

  • He likes it when daddy takes him to the big mirror and they look at e/o.

  • He is beginning to roll to his side more, so mommy has to keep a better eye on him, to be certain that he doesn't roll off of anything!

My sweety is already growing up on me & I'm enjoying every second of it! Happy 6 months Baby G!


  1. I can't believe his hair! I love the way it curls up around his face!

    I can't wait to see him at 7 months! <3

  2. i love these pictures-I would love to see your dance moves haha! That's how I keep TL occupied while I work in the kitchen too. He loves it!