Monday, August 17, 2009

Mi Bebe y Dominican Republic

We just returned from our trip to DR Sunday morning, it was nice, but I was more than ready to step on to US land (we were there 10 days after all!). 10 things you need to know about the country:
  1. NO ONE has air conditioning in their homes (only in the bedrooms).

  2. Car seats are not required! (Gavin loves this!)

  3. If you speak only English, a Spanish speaking country can be a challenge.

  4. Sadly enough, you can't trust or rely on the police (you have to pay them to get anything done).

  5. It is a very poor country, so you really can't trust anyone (except family of course).

  6. It is BEYOND hot during the day.

  7. Nights are nice, usually a cool breeze.

  8. The beaches and mountains are beautiful!

  9. You have to be a very brave person to drive there, lol...I wouldn't even attempt it!
  10. The music/dancing/party's are very entertaining and FUN!

I know I sound somewhat negative...truth is, when we were there 2 years ago my purse and everything in it was stolen (credit cards, cell phone, passport, name it!) and this year my engagement ring that I am absolutely in love with was taken. So, at this point I think DR and I are mutual in saying that we aren't too fond of e/o, lol.

But it is the country where Nelson's parents live and they happen to be wonderful people and the time spent with family was time WELL spent. Enough said.

How was Gavin? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.... Keeping a baby out in the heat all day everyday could be a problem...but he impressed me. He only got upset a couple of times and that was because he was teething. He had a smile on his face 95% of the time, so of course, everyone loved him! There were so many times when people I didn't know (at the family reunion) just came up and had to hold him! He slept well at night, naps during the day where few and far between, but with 3 cousins to watch, what could I expect? He enjoyed his cool baths, loved the breeze at night, observed everything around him, and really seemed to just soak everything in.

We stayed busy while in DR...everyday we had something to do or someone to visit. We visited Nelson's grandparents and had lunch. I was so happy that we got to see them, I know that someday Gavin will be very happy to have photos with his great grandparents. Nelson's abuelo has cancer and is very weak, so we couldn't have had better timing to get there and get some photos.

The main objective for this trip was the Nolasco Family Reunion, this took place in the VERY rural village of La Caya. There was lots of dancing, music, food, chatter, and people. When we arrived we went to a small church to a Catholic service where they did a dedication. From there we went next door to an aunts home and hung out ALL DAY LONG. La Caya is where Gavin's Abuelo and Abuela grew up, so it was nice sharing this with Gavin (even though he won't remember it) and seeing it for myself.

All of the children at the reunion loved cuddling and playing with Gavin!

Gavin also met his Tio Cesar for the first time...I'm almost certain Cesar was smitten with him ;o).

We also visited Camp David, located just outside the city of Santiago. The view was breathtaking. We took several pictures (as you see), had a little dinner, then headed back home.

(That is the city of Santiago that you see in the background)

Tuesday through Thursday we stayed at the Riu Bachata Resort in Puerto Plata. We visited the beach the first day, but mainly stayed at the pool. Gavin really enjoyed the pool, the whole time he was scooping water in to his mouth...which made me a little nervous, but he seems to be fine, lol. This was a mini trip, but it was nice, we all had a wonderful time.

I guess this summarizes the trip without writing a book...I think the pictures really say it all.

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