Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Birdie and HIS Nest.

I've never really posted any pictures of our home here in Florida, never really taken any. As I was taking a few quick snaps of Gavin, I thought, hmmmm....I should take a few pics of his first Nest. So, for people like Kena who say, "I've never even seen where you live" I thought I would add a few pics that I took today...nothing fancy.

And of course, a Nest or Blog would not be complete without a few pics of the little Birdie. ;o)

PS> Gavin is in a size 3 diaper now and wears 6-9 months clothing (just so ya know)


  1. have a nice nest! lol

    And a beautiful little birdie. <3

  2. i love your "nest". I would love it even better if we BOTH had nests in Kentucky. haha