Monday, August 24, 2009

Gavin's **New Friends**

Well, since returning from our trip...the Nolasco household, has been a SICK household! We have all had and continue to have runny noses, coughing, sore throat, congestion! I can handle Nels and I being sick, but to see my poor baby cough until his purple in the face just breaks my heart!

I took Gavin to the doctor last Wednesday (he weighed 18 lbs!), his lungs sounded good, his congestion was loose/wet, he apparently just caught some kind of bug, either from DR or his daddy! Because of his young age there is really nothing Dr. Crum could prescribe him :o(. She suggested saline drops and warm diluted apple juice. So...that's exactly what he has been getting, saline drops in the nose, warm apple juice, warm bottles all together, baby vapor rub on his chest and back, vapor baths, vick's vaporizer in the bedroom at night, and TYLENOL. And those my readers...are.... his NEW FRIENDS>>>>some of them you see pictured with him ;o). I have grown quite fond of them and am hoping that fight off all the sick bully's that come his way!

And for the exciting news...yes, that is my BIG BOY sitting up all by himself. He is doing so well in the sitting department. He does fall over eventually, but I'm very proud of his progress. He is after all only 5 1/2 months!

****A little favor from anyone who reads/follows this blog...if you hear of ANY job openings ANYWHERE in KY in the marketing/sales area, please send me word somehow---we really want to move back to KY, but Nelson has to find a good job first.**** (Thanks!)


  1. Gavin is beautiful! I can't comment enough!

    Story joined me in reading this blog. She growled at him. (it's her new thing these days...) I think she means it lovingly.

    Anyways, Story and I are sorry that he's been sick, but we're still very impressed that he's sitting up already! Way to go!

  2. he's so beautiful as always. tanner has had a cold for the past week too. i hate it!

  3. Poor Baby Gavin! I can tell his eyes look weak in the pictures! BUT on the other hand, I can tell he is looking more & more like his Mama! Aren't there any websites that post job listings for whatever job Nelson is looking for?