Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Sweet Potato eats sweet potatoes!

Unfortunately, I have no pics to post of Gav's feast on sweet potatoes, but he did have them for the very first time today! I think I expected him to fall in love with them immediately...myself being a big sweet potato fan, but he was a little "ify" on them. He wasn't too sure about the texture--when he eats oatmeal he opens his mouth, swallows, etc. but with this new texture he wanted to suck on the spoon :o). He ate 1/2 of a small container...we'll work on the other 1/2 tomorrow! Oh my baby is getting so big...already trying different food!!! In the morning, I'm going to add a little apple sauce to his oatmeal...I think he will love this! Can you feel the excitement in this post---I'm a big fan of food and can't wait for Gavin to enter the world of trying different flavors and not just drinking boring old formula, hah!

Since I can't post w/o adding a pic, I figure I can add some from this past weekend. It was Gav's first trip to Palm Coast. We went to visit some of my family for the day and had a fantastic time! I hope all of you appreciate having the luxury of seeing your family often, you don't know just how lucky you are!
(That's our cousin Todreana peeking her head in!)

(I adore this baby---he's my blessing)

(Daddy is full of kisses!)

We are heading to Clearwater/St. Pete/North Redington Beach this weekend. My friend, Danielle is getting married!!! Weddings are so much fun to me and this one is actually ON the will be nothing short of AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Don't worry, I'll post pics ;o).

OH! We will be heading to KY on Tuesday!!! I am BEYOND excited and can't wait for everyone to see my pride and joy! We fly out Tuesday afternoon---for anyone reading this, keep us in your prayers :o)! There will be gazillions of photos to add when we come home. We will also be having a family photo session by First Comes Love Photography--very excited about that too!

One last thing---this goes out to one of my closest friends, Angel---Congrats again...I am so very excited for you and can't wait for our get together on Wednesday!


  1. Sweet potatoes! Gotta love starting the solids!

  2. little lucky dog you get to go to the beach all the time!!!