Sunday, July 5, 2009

4 Months on the 4th! (Lots of PICS!)

(4 months on the 4th)

(The Nolasco's!)

(Chillin on South Beach)

(That is the downtown Miami skyline, from the balcony of our condo)

(Happy 4th of July!)

(Big Boy!)

(Gavin with his favorite toy! Duckie)

(on South Beach)

 baby is now 4 months! Yes, he is still very much a little baby, but it just seems like it really does pass so quickly (just as all other mommy's say). Gavin turned 4 months on the 4th of July, so Saturday was a very special day for 2 reasons!

We spent the weekend in Miami. We got there early Friday afternoon and stayed until today. Miami is a very special place to me because this is where Nelson and I met! I lived there for 6 months (mind you, I did complain about it 80% of the time), but I will always love the place because that's where I found my soul mate. Even though Gavin is only 4 months old, it was very sweet that we took him to the restaurant where I met Nelson for the very first time (Smith & Wollensky) and we had dinner. For those of you who don't know, Nelson was my server at this he was very excited to show off his baby boy to his old co-workers/friends. And by my surpise, many of them said Gavin looks just like ME...but I still see a combination of us both :o). We spent a few hours at South Beach on Saturday and we watched the fireworks from the park (on South Beach). We woke up today (@ 10:00!!!!) and headed back home. It was a pleasant weekend.

But most importantly Gavin is 4 months old!!! A few things he is doing now:

  • He can roll over from his tummy to his back

  • He loves to hear his own voice--he's constantly screaming (in a happy way)

  • He smiles 24/7

  • He drinks 7 oz. of formula every 4 hours

  • He eats oatmeal from a SPOON once a day

  • He likes to look at himself in the mirror (he always smiles)

  • Some nights he sleeps until 7am, other nights around 4-5 am

  • He loves to sleep in bed with mommy and daddy!!! (but only in the mornings)

  • He holds his head up very well during "tummy time"

    • He's still in a size 2 diaper

    • He fills out 3-6 months clothes perfectly!

    • He enjoys his "jumparoo"

    • He has a toy duckie that he always holds :op

    • He is def. a cuddler...loves to be hugged, kissed, and held

    • He is beginning to observe everything around him, loves looking at trees when we go for walks

    • He enjoys being outside (as long as it's not too hot!)

    • He keeps his hands in his mouth and drools a lot---I'm guessing he's teething

    • He loves the "abc" song and "the itsy bitsy spider"

    • He recognizes his bottle and get's very excited when he see's it (smiling, kicking, etc.)

    • And overall, he is a very happy baby that his mommy and daddy adore!!!!!!!

    Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July!

    Happy 4 months Baby G!!!!!!! Mommy and daddy love you more than you can ever imagine.


    1. I can't believe how BEAUTIFUL he is! I love these pictures.

      And I had no idea Nelson was your server at a restaurant and that's how you met. very sweet!

    2. Such cute pics! Logan has the same whale jumpers AND that fishy hat :) Really like the wall color too--is that in Gavin's room?

    3. I can't WAIT to see you guys!!! You all are lookin good!!!