Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 months...

So...I'm very behind on my blogging! I once was such an avid blogger and now if I post bi-weekly I'm doing well.

Gavin turned 15 months June 4th, yes, 15 months. 2 is just around the corner it seems. I find it very difficult to get good photos of Gavin lately, because the only time the child is sitting or still is during sleep--and you can only get so many unique sleeping photos!

Gavin David at 15 months:

1) Gavin absolutely adores sports! He's definitely all BOY! He has perfected T-ball, he knows how to put the baseball on the T, swing the bat, and knock the ball far! He also enjoys golf :-)...he swings the golf club at any size ball, and sometimes even at me, hah! He has recently taken up basketball...he has a small goal, but because he's still a little small, he tries to put the ball through the hoop from the bottom (unless he has help).

2) He's also half fish ;-). He loves to play in the pool, go under water, and even attempts to swim (while he's in our arms of course!). He can even float on his back when wearing water-wings...I was impressed, as always...And I'm beginning to believe that he would play in the bathtub for hours without end, if only I would allow him to do so. He tends to throw tantrums here and there when it's time to get out of the tub, which makes for a soaked mama!

3) What a picky eater I have on my hands!! He literally lives off of milk, toast, chicken nuggets, fruit, cheese, yogurt, goldfish, mac and cheese, and pizza. Notice I left out vegetables, beef, all other pastas, etc. And lately, I'm lucky to get him to eat a meal at all...what can I say, he's a busy little guy...and sometimes HE thinks he has better things to do that sit down and eat!

4) Bedtime is 8:30 and he's early to rise, no later that 7am everyday. But what a precious wake up call for me! Nap lengths vary, anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours, once a day.

5) If he wants to know what something is, he'll look at it or point to it and say "dat?". He loves learning new things and sometimes you can sit back and see the wheels in his head turning.

6) He claps A LOT. Funny story: During a nap a few days ago, I was lying next to him for a few minutes watching him sleep, and suddenly, with his eyes still closed, he raised his little arms in the air and clapped a few times!! Who knows what the little guy was dreaming about!

7)He loves books. And for the most part will sit through an entire story. I hope he is always a book lover.

8) Gav is obsessed with balls. All sizes, all types. Really, anything round is a ball to him. I can't take him to the fruit and veggie section in the grocery story without loud screams of "ball" and "bae-ball" in reference to apples, peaches, onions, etc. I guess in his eyes the grocery store is such a tease. He sees all these colorful, glorious "balls" everywhere, but can't touch, can't throw, CAN'T.

9)He wears a size 4 diaper and is in 18 months clothing. We've retired all of the 12 months clothing, it's packed up, in storage, and just itching to be put to use again someday :O).

10)Although Gavin can't communicate as well as he'd sometimes like too, he does an amazing job at getting his point across. If he doesn't want something he shakes his head "no". If he doesn't want you to bother him he says "OP!" (stop). When he wants milk, he runs to the refrigerator and tries to open it. He points. And he can spit out some long sentences full of jumbled sounds...not sure what he's saying just yet, but I have a feeling I'll understand him very soon. He also says many words.

11)15 month check-up stats: Weight- 25.4lbs placing him in the 65th percentile
Height- 31inches placing him in the 50th percentile
Head Circ. - 18 1/2 placing him in the 50th percentile

12) Gavin received his MMR vaccination yesterday. He was suppose to get this at 12 months, but I just wasn't ready yet. I went in to the visit with intentions of postponing this shot yet again, but after speaking with his pediatrician in depth about it, Nelson and I both decided to give them the go ahead.

Gav and Nelson's first trip to Turkey Foot, KY

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  1. Aww! I've missed your updates. Gavin is even more beautiful than ever before...however that's possible! He's precious! And I love that hair.