Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beach and KY...nice combo, right?

(These were taken today...Gavin's first bike ride with his daddy)

Wow! I must stay more busy these days...or I've found myself less interested in blogging...not sure. But sometimes it seems like a hassle to blog, it's not the blogging really, it's uploading the pictures. BUT...to me, pictures are the best part. Anyway. We went to Naples a couple weekends ago and enjoyed a day at the beach with cousins. It was a beautiful day and Gavin loves being outdoors. He's still a little small to really play with cousins, but towards the end of our beach day, he and Nadia had a wonderful time standing together in one of the beach chairs. They were really cheesing it up! These two are 4 months apart.

We also made a surprise visit to KY for Easter Weekend! It was a quick trip, but well worth the 14 hour drive going and 12 hour drive coming back. I am so blessed. Gavin seriously DID NOT CRY the entire time we were traveling!!! He is such a good baby...this may sound strange but sometimes I feel like he DESERVES to act up a little, hah! I mean if you think about it, it's not really fair that he has to sit in his carseat for 14 hours. But he's an angel...and I really do love him so much my heart aches sometimes. I can't even begin to imagine how as a mother, Mary felt. And I gave that a lot of thought this Easter. I always struggled with imagining what pain, heartache, and suffering even SHE went through...but when you actually become a mom, it's hard to even fathom such things. I can't imagine, don't want to imagine, but am so thankful each and every day for my Savior and His sacrifices.

Good Friday, was just that, Good. Gavin, Nelson, my parents, and myself enjoyed a long walk and a day outdoors. The weather was perfect and so was the company. That night, I got to surprise my dearest friends by showing up at a dinner/gathering they had already planned. They had no idea I was going to be there and their faces where priceless. I felt very loved...and to all of you reading this...the feeling is mutual ;oP. I have decided, it would be impossible to ever replace these girls. I'm sure I will make more friends throughout my life, but what I know of friendship began with these girls and it will end with them. Here we are, minus Angel (whom I love too pieces...she had already left).

And here we are on Saturday, again, enjoying the outdoors. Nelson got to do a little fishing, and I got to get a few shots of us all enjoying nature.

I didn't get any pictures of Gavin with his Easter basket...but my cousin Kelly did. I will post those as soon as they are available to me!!! I'm pretty positive she got some great ones!!!!


  1. Aw. I'm so glad that you were able to see your family on Easter. And Gavin is bigger and more beautiful than I've ever seen him. <3

  2. what sweet pictures!
    glad to see you had a good Easter :) Gavin has gotten so big since your last post...what a perfect little angel.
    I plan on taking Olivia out to the beach soon...hopefully she will love it just as much as she did last summer!

  3. Wished we would have known you all came in for Easter so we could have seen you all! I guess it will just have to be June! :)