Tuesday, March 16, 2010

12 month stats

(love those teef!)

I'm somewhat behind on my postings...we have been jam packed with visitors and outings the last few weeks. **On a side note I am so thankful to have had a house full of family members around lately--the only downside is how darn quiet it is now.

Gavin had his 12 month check-up on March 12th.

Weight: 23lbs. 12 oz. Placing him in the 75th percentile
Length: 30 inches Placing him in the 50th percentile

He also had 2 shots at this visit. He was suppose to have the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) but I chose to postpone those shots to a later date. I prefer to wait until he is a little older. He was a trooper during his vaccinations...he didn't even cry on the first one, but the second proved to be somewhat more painful. He shed a few tears, then was fine the rest of the day.

Gavin's abuela and abuelo visited us for 4 whole days and accompanied us to his doctor's visit. Afterwards we headed to Home Goods where we literally walked around for 3 WHOLE HOURS!!! And can you believe that my sweet baby that just had shots didn't make a peep the entire time?!?!?! I am so blessed to have such an angelic little boy...I tell Nelson all the time that the next baby has a lot to live up to, hah! But, Gavin could be the most rotten little thing on the earth and he would still be my most precious angel.

Oh! I almost forgot...Gavin is officially walking, it's very rare to see him crawling anymore. He actually started walking at around 1 year and 5 days...it's the cutest thing!

(He has the most beautiful hair...and it got the best of me...good thing I don't own any bows, lol!) Yes...I got my sweet boy, now I need my baby girl ;op!


  1. OH my goodness he's a doll.....can't help but wonder what your little girl will look like though with that last picture!!!! I think Gavin looks just like your dad with Nelson's skin and hair. Miss you guys :( You need to come home for Easter hint hint :)

  2. Love the hair!! We can't wait to see you all this summer. Tell Gavin that Allie says hello! He is getting so big! I am so excited to see him walking.