Saturday, April 30, 2011

Short and Sweet Wrap Up...

Of the last few weeks I have disregarded :)

So, I just published a post that I had written on April 3rd (about finding out the baby's gender). I'm waaay behind. I got up a little early this morning and decided I have neglected the blog long enough :).

Easter. First and foremost, Praise God for HE is RISEN! And Praise God for what a wonderful Easter weekend we enjoyed :). First, we colored eggs together. Gavin, well he more or less just watched as dada and mimi did the work. Already looking forward to his helping hands next Easter. Gavin had his first Easter Egg Hunt (just here at home) and he LOVED it! He walked from egg to egg with a huge smile and gently placed them in his basket before moving on to the next. The kid was a PRO. Serious. After finding the eggs Gav was very content to hang out in the yard and play with them some more.

Easter morning, Gavin woke up to a visit from the Easter Bunny. The EB was very generous this year and left Gavin lot's of summer treats to enjoy.
Then, we headed out to Church.
Which is something Nelson and I both agree we must make a priority...Sunday morning church. We took Gav to the toddler daycare, but he didn't stay long. I was surprised that the buzzer they gave us went off...only 5 minutes after leaving him. Gavin is usually so happy to be with other kids, but he wasn't having it that day. So we brought him back to the service, where he was a complete ANGEL the entire time.

After church we headed off to an Aunt's house for a late lunch, relaxed, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Enjoying his new sprinkler...check out the tongue :)

Fast forward to April 28th...we had another Dr.'s Appointment. At a couple days shy of 23 weeks, baby girl is doing great! Heartrate 150. This month I gained 7lbs.! However, Dr. B reassured me that it was all water weight and this is the time the gaining should be expected to begin. So to date at 23 weeks...I have gained 15lbs. And guess what??? I'm loving every second of it! I'm also loving those sweet movements I feel, it's amazing.

Sorry this blog was all over the place. But honestly, who knows when I'll blog again, lol.


  1. Cool!!! Baby girl I am ANXIOUS for you to get here I'm sure you're going to be gorgeous!

    I'm glad you all had a good Easter. Where did you go to church? I SO WISH our church had a daycare center or children's church. They have it on Tuesdays but I think it would be great on Sundays as well haha!

  2. Looks like Gav got his hair cut! It looks good!! (It doesn't seem right seeing him without curls tho)

    When Chase was younger he didn't mind the nursery or daycare at all, but now that he's older he throws a fit! He's in a total 'momma-clinging' stage right now. I have to leave him crying at daycare when I go into work and it breaks my heart, but for right now I've not been making him go to the nursery during church just because I can't stand to see him cry!