Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday 2 U!!!!

At two...what is Mr. G up to?

You know your shapes: Square, Rectangle, Oval, Circle, Triangle, Star

You like to sing "The Wheels on the Bus" "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"

You count on your own to 6 and with help on every other number to 11. But lately, you're a little lazy, "1,2,6" :)

You love to be chased, but we can't catch you, because in your own words, "I fast!"

You love playing with your alphabet letters and you recognize some of them.

You wear 24 months or 2T and a 4-5 diaper, 6-7 shoe

You love walking with daddy to the pond and throwing things in it. Yes, worry wart mother is afraid you'll attempt this little walk on your own someday, but we will watch you like hawks this spring and summer!

Your favorite thing to say...."Why?" If mommy kisses you, it's "Why mi-mi" When nana holds you it's "Why nana?" I think you just want to know everything and what better way to find out than to ask "Why?"

You sleep in a "big boy" bed and have been for about a month. We have a little routine though...mommy reads you a book, we say our prayers, and then we lay down together until you drift off in to dream land. A couple hours later, daddy comes in, wakes mommy up, and I work my way to mommy and daddy's bedroom. Good solid sleep, eh?

I tell you there's a baby in my belly and to give it prefer to blow on the belly and giggle your head off. Which works perfectly for us ;).

You still love animals and talk about them all the time. You can name most animals, even the more exotic ones that you've never actually seen in person, like a giraffe, elephant, and zebra.

Paci is still your closest companion. Guess we'll be ending that relationship sooner than later (tears).

We haven't started potty training just yet, but soon. I'm still not sure how ready you are. Like I said...soon.

You are obsessed with RUBBER DUCKIES right now. You carry them everywhere, shower with them, and search for them when they're not in sight.

You will be celebrating your 2nd Birthday Mickey Mouse style...that post is to come :).

You usually have a hand in your hair. You prefer to hold it with one hand and use the other to tap the ends. It's so sweet. Your hair continues to grow and be long, but mi-mi just can't part with it...and I don't feel you should have to either!

You are still my picky eater...but guess what you do eat....PICKLES!!! You say "Mmmm...Good" when you eat them, just like MAMA!!!

You still chug the milk, which is a good thing, because sometimes I stress that you just don't eat nearly enough.

Thanks to this cold, forever long winter weather, you have became a fan of watching videos on the computer. I PROMISE to nip this as soon as it gets warm enough!

You love books and will sit through an entire book as long as it doesn't have too many words!

You like basketball and you are good it! You always score! Papaw says you are going to "make a basketball player". We all agree.

Your laugh...well, it melts mommy's heart. Your smile, the way your eyes light up, the way those little curls bounce when you run...they bring me a happiness that I have never known before. You are a true Blessing from God, you make everyday pleasant, happy, fun. I just want to sit back and watch you sometimes. And 2 years later, I still struggle to comprehend that YOU are OURS. I thank God everyday for choosing us to be your parents and I pray that when you are old enough to understand, that you thank God for making Us, Yours. We are a great little team, a close knit family, and the best buddies ever. Happy Birthday to my amazing 2 year old. Watching you grow, learn, discover, love,'s the most awesome gift I've ever known.

I love you my sweet the moon and back, more than all the stars in the sky.


  1. So very precious- love you Gavin! You are so handsome and sweet!

    Happy 2nd Birthday!

  2. He's such a big handsome boy! Happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Gavin!!! He is so precious at 2! May his life always be so happy and Blessed :)