Saturday, December 5, 2009

Night 2--C.I.O

Ahhh...another night of "cry-it-out". This is definitely a difficult process, to put it mildly. I'll be taking this as a lesson #2 will sleep in his/her crib and not in mommy and daddy's bed.

Last night, Gavin did sleep better. He woke up 2 times, but he put his self back to sleep within seconds. 2 times may sound like a lot, but just 2 nights ago, he would wake up and cry until we came to him, and would continue to cry until we picked him up (this was not the case last night). He did wake up at 6:30 this morning, but instead of bringing him to our room, we got up with him and came downstairs.

Tonight went somewhat smoother. Last night it was 50 minutes of c.i.o., tonight is was 32 minutes. I'm hoping it's because he is adjusting and not because he just happened to be more tired. Tonight we went in to comfort him every 10 minutes. It seemed like by the time 10 minutes had passed, he had began to calm himself somewhat. We went in 3 times, loved on him, cuddled him (while leaving him in the crib), and whispered a few "I love you's". He explored his crib more too. He made 1 lap around his crib, fell down, and went to sleep in a half sitting position. He's a fighter...that's for SURE!

Let's hope tomorrow night's time drops significantly and my baby finally adjusts to falling asleep in his crib all by himself, peacefully.

Mommy and Daddy want to see big smiles and no tears!


  1. awww...stay strong girl! you are a brave soul. i don't think i have it in me to do this! olivia still wakes up (at 10 months old!) once a night to nurse. we have never had to much trouble with her in the crib though. we put her in it at 3 months which helped, i think.
    anyway, gavin sounds like he is getting better & better with each night so you're almost there!!! good luck!

  2. awww Lindasy I just read these CIO posts. I admire you for doing it because I know how hard it is. If it is any comfort TL slept like a champion after about 3-4 nights. Hopefully Gavin will too. I think the initial laying them down is the hardest part :(

    And you will feel like being supermom the next day because you've got some rest :)